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Can you really be healed in a weekend?


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Counseling Intensive

Can you really be healed in a weekend?  Absolutely!

Schedule your FREE Breakthrough Consultation with me.

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Counseling Intensive

Christian Counseling

Becoming a Christian does not mean that all our problems and hurts heal instantly. Issues from our past, unhealed wounds, relationship problems, addictions, dysfunctions and more, still need to be resolved.

While we may have issues to work on, the good news is that we do this with the help of the Lord, not alone.

This is what makes Christian Counseling different than secular counseling.

We have THE Counselor, THE Healer and THE Truth Himself here with us to guide us and bring us freedom.

Although many of the techniques and skills that secular counselors use are also used by a Christian counselor, we believe that Christ and His Scripture are the final authority, not psychological tools.

In my experience as a Christian Counselor, I have seen many people healed and set free and many marriages and relationships restored as we worked together with the Lord.

I am a Christ-centered counselor

You can work with me wherever you are over the internet. Meeting through live video counseling is just as effective as in-person counseling. I have many clients in many states so it does not matter where you are located. With a PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling and a Master of Divinity and over 10 years experience I am well equipped to help you with whatever issues you have.

Through Christ-centered counseling you can:

- find complete freedom from past issues and emotional pain

- have a deeper, more intimate relationship with God

- learn to have healthy, vibrant relationships

- learn communication and conflict skills and how to set healthy boundaries

- live a life of joy and freedom from anxiety

- overcome behaviors that keep you from living the life you know is possible

We all need help from time to time, as Christians we need to find a counselor who will not only address and help with our issues but will help us with our life in Christ. I specialize in bringing people closer to our Lord.

Counseling is a bit expensive but it is an investment that will pay dividends for a life time. You will be "paying it forward" by finding healing, freedom and help for your life. Contact me and get started on your healing and freedom.

There is hope, there is healing, and there is joy awaiting you!

Individual counseling

Counseling can bring you freedom from past issues, trauma, sexual abuse, and old wounds that don't go away. It can help you with current relationships by learning to set boundaries, deal with anger that seems out of control, examine those feelings of being out of place with others and habitually picking the wrong person. I have seen the Lord bring healing to those who did not think it possible.

I have witnessed those in bondage be set completely free to their great joy and amazement!

You can learn to change destructive behaviors: sabotaging patterns, addictions, and habits that keep you stuck.

Christian counseling Is your relationship with Christ not what you want? You can learn to have more intimacy with Him, work through anger toward God, dispel the distant you feel toward Him, and experience the promises of life with Him.

You can even heal from trauma and abuse over a weekend in a Christian Counseling Intensive.

Marriage counseling

Married couples sometimes find themselves needing outside help. Issues and hurts build up and resentment and problems in communication and conflict get in the way of making progress. In that case, weekly counseling or a Christian Marriage Intensive can bring the healing and restoration needed to get you back on track.

Counseling will help you relearn, recommit and refocus on getting back on track. I have never seen a marriage fail when both parties are willing to do what is necessary.

Through marriage counseling you learn learn: your fear dance, to really know your spouse, communication skills, conflict resolution, personal responsibility, to work together, forgiveness, respect and trust and to love deeper than before.

Premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling gets you ahead of the game by talking through the issues before the big day. Issues that arise can be managed before the marriage giving you a greater possibility of a wonderful and equipped life together.

Sometimes it also shows that a couple, although they love each other, are in for a lifetime of struggle due to their differences. It is better to know this and make an informed decision on whether to proceed then to find yourself in a marriage that is a constant struggle.

Premarital Counseling can help you to find whether you are compatible in the areas of:

- personality

- communication and conflict

- finance management

- children and parenting

- family and friends

- role relationships

- spiritual beliefs

- sexual expectations

Premarital Christian counseling will center your marriage in Christ as well as equip you for the best possible marriage.

A Unique Perspective

In this site, we will look at emotional, personal and relational issues from a uniquely Christian perspective. No matter which topic we are dealing with, we will keep in mind that Christ is here with us to guide and heal.

We will be exploring Biblical principles that will help us to discover the source of counseling issues and to help us resolve them.

How to Start

At left you will see different categories with articles and information to begin your journey into healing. I will be adding to these on a regular basis and you can also contact me if you would like additional help on a topic or would like to see a subject discussed here.

Need Additional Help?

For some people the information in this site and others like it will be helpful enough to bring some understanding and change. Others may need some additional help from a Christian counselor in order to find complete restoration.

Possibly, reading about the issue you are struggling with here will help you determine if you need to talk with a counselor one on one.

If you decide you do want to speak with a counselor about the issues in your life that are keeping you from living in freedom and complete restoration then contact me here and I will get back with you within 24 hours.

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